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Why do you need professional copy-editing?

Consistent, well-written content sets any company or individual apart. But editing copy to the highest standard is not something anyone can do – and it can be a time-consuming process. Compared to someone else, a professional copy editor will do a better job at making your text more readable, allowing you to reduce your writing time by 30+%.

Wordy will save you from making costly errors that need to be rewritten, as well as reduce cycle times and ensure consistency across all your content. If you’re unsure about how to use the subjunctive or how to structure your subordinate clauses, Wordy can help.

Whether you’re writing a job application, an academic article or churning out regular marketing content, Wordy will help you to publish clean, well-written copy that will get your message across and take the guesswork out of the writing process.

All of Wordy’s editors are native English speakers. They have been individually tested and verified and are subject to constant peer review to ensure they deliver the best possible service.
Wordy has copy editors in all the major time zones in the UK, US and Australia, providing speedy deliveries at all hours of the day.
When you order, you’ll get an instant price quote and an approximate delivery time, so you know the exact price and when you can expect your content back.
There’s no subscription with a Wordy account; you simply pay as you go. If you submit content frequently, Wordy offers great discount plans.

So, what is copy-editing exactly?

A copy editor fixes text to ensure the grammar is correct, the punctuation is reliable and the spelling is right, and also makes sure it has internal consistency and a logical structure.

In addition, Wordy’s copy editors will suggest alternative words and comment on your content – from rephrasing sentences to moving paragraphs and pointing out inconsistencies – to ensure that everything reads as smoothly as possible.

Copy-editing is not a peer review or a rewrite of your text, but a thorough quality check of grammar, structure and meaning. Copy-editing will not alter the meaning of your text but will make sure it conveys your message as accurately and succinctly as possible.

Ensure that the grammar, punctuation and spelling of your text are correct and adhere to the language and style you’re aiming for.
Ensure that appropriate wording is used throughout the text and that any discrepancies are corrected so that everything is consistent.
Ensure that references, citations and footnotes are formatted correctly and adhere to the language and style guide specified for the text.
Ensure that the overall structure of the text is logical and that paragraphs and sentences align what that structure.
Ensure that words, abbreviations, names, locations, titles, etc. are used consistently throughout the text.
Ensure that definitions, phrases, expressions, etc. are used correctly and consistently – especially if there are differences with the target language.
Ensure that the text adheres to the relevant style, whether that Wordy’s internal house style, your own house style, New Hart's Rules, Chicago Manual of Style, APA etc.
Ensure that the document adheres to any design specifications mentioned in the document or in the brief to the editor.

Why should Wordy be your first choice?

With more than 200 copy editors in nine time zones covering more than 50 subjects, you can use Wordy as your final quality check – even when you’re on a tight deadline. From the one-click ordering page, you can process 11 file formats – including MS Office, LaTeX and PDFs with tracked changes – or work with editors directly in Google Docs. For all jobs, Wordy provides an instant price quote and approximate delivery time, so you know when to expect your text back and at what cost.

For any last-minute changes, questions or comments, you have direct access to your editor through instant messaging, and all jobs have a comprehensive money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the result.

If you work in a team, you can invite your colleagues to join your account and even allow them to access your jobs, so that publishing is not delayed just because you’re offline. If you need help, there is live support around the clock.

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The benefits of working with great copy editors

A great copy editor is a language professional with a deep understanding of the written language, a well-rounded professional background, a relevant education and a proven professional track record gained over several years.

A great copy editor quickly understands what you’re trying to convey with your text and has the cultural background to make sure that your tone of voice is maintained, even after a thorough edit. In addition, a great copy editor is easy to work with and will always do their best to return your content well before your deadline.

At Wordy, we pride ourselves because all our clients work with great copy editors – regardless of the size of the job or whether it’s for a repeat customer or not. That's why we back our service with a comprehensive money-back guarantee and we provide free re-edits, if you’re not completely satisfied with our work.

Questions and enterprise solutions

If you have any questions about Wordy’s copy-editing service, please get in touch with our live support or by sending us a message.

If you represent a company or an institution, please get in touch to learn more about Wordy’s editor and payment solutions for corporations, institutions and universities. We work with companies on monthly or annual contracts and can provide individual invoicing per user, full account transparency, custom service level agreements, dedicated editor teams and more.

We look forward to working from you!