What does rewriting involve?

1 July 2016 | | Anders Schepelern

A content rewrite is a more substantive edit than a basic Wordy edit. For a content rewrite, your Wordy editor will substantially reword and reorganise your content to improve consistency, flow and readability. They may, if requested, condense a document to a given word count. This process is what many editors call a substantive edit.

You should also request a content rewrite if you require any significant work beyond the scope of a basic edit, such as reformatting a long document or restyling references.

Note that Wordy editors do not do research or fact-checking. They will not expand your text significantly or provide substantial new material. They do not complete incomplete references or cross-check references. Also, copywriting is not within the scope of rewriting.

When you request a content rewrite, you should provide a brief message telling the editor exactly what you’re looking for, including information regarding any length limits or other restrictions you must work within.

Please note that editors can request a rewrite upgrade if deemed necessary. You’ll have the option to cancel the job or accept the rewrite upgrade (and added cost).